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Open a free account
in just 5 minutes

and receive a free digital card now.

Financial app that puts winds in your sails

We know debit cards and financial services don’t make you jump out of bed in the morning. It’s spending time with friends, living life, and creating memories that makes you happy. So we’ve designed FINCI app to move out of your way. So you can get on with what really matters to you.

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Makes managing your money a breeze

Manage money easily

Easily manage your money from within one app, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Make fast payments

Send money around the world swiftly and securely and then get on with the things that really matter.

Send money for free

Send money for free to anyone you know with a FINCI account. If they don’t have one, tell them how easy it is.

Do payments in style

Enjoy a card so pretty, you’ll want to pay for dinner just so you get it out of your wallet.

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  • Account with turnover up to
    25 000 EUR
  • Free payments between FINCI accounts
  • Free digital Mastercard
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4.99 EUR / monthly

  • Account with turnover up to 500 000 EUR
  • Free payments between FINCI accounts
  • Free digital Mastercard
  • Free physical card delivered to you
  • Unlimited payments in EUR (SEPA)
  • Free withdrawals up to 200 EUR per month
  • Up to 20% discounts on other services
  • Priority Customer Support 

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Get on with what’s important
Turn your desires into actions

An app designed to move forward

Send and receive payments instantly. When you need to move your life forward, you need financial services that can help you get that done.

Our partners

What our partners say about us

FINCI is all about making it faster, cheaper and easier for you to send money around the world. But it wouldn’t be possible without the innovation and support of our global partners.

"This partnership allows FINCI to make payments in real time at competitive FX rates, with no hidden fees or additional transactional costs."

"As one of the leading Microsoft service providers in Baltic region it is our mission to support fast-growing businesses such as FINCI in their transition to secure cloud infrastructure to provide fast and agile financial services to their customers.“

“Our technology enables FINCI to create hyper-efficient business models that deliver more value to their customers.”

Open a free account in just 5 minutes


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